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Mike Turner - Framing a house

Knowing that many woodworkers pick up a hammer and nail and build a workshop or a tool shed, Mike Turner presented numerous tips and techniques used in such construction.   



Tim Shaunty - Rolling Pins

The hero of a retirement community bake sale, Tim Shaunty created door prizes by turning these rolling pins from walnut sandwiched with poplar. His wife felt they should be displayed instead of stashed in a drawer so Tim crafted stands for them.  Tim finished them by soaking the pins in mineral oil.



Larry Wenner - 3D cutting board

Inspired by a demonstration at the February Woodworking Show in Pasadena and some instructions on YouTube, Larry Wenner crafted a 3D cutting board. A YouTube video showed him how he could use all of his remaining wood such that he would have no leftovers.  Larry suggested visiting mtmwood.com for more interesting cutting designs.


Norm Nichols - Toy cars

Taking plans from toymakingplans.com, Norm Nichols fashioned this collection of Fat Fendered Freaky Fords.  Bodies are mahogany with fenders of red oak or poplar.  Giving a new meaning to “hot wheels”,  Norm heated up a pot of sand to scorch the wheels to black. 


Ron Kuenning - Race car

Doing a little bit of inlay crafting, Ron Kuenning fashioned this racer of mahogany and maple with wheels of plywood.  Ron finished with mineral oil and beeswax.



Gary Rowen - Armoire

 Showing slides of his armoire of red oak that he crafted for his wife, Gary Rowen explained how he constructed the armoire with frame and panel construction. Gary stated that, after making a patch for a accidental drill through at a joint, he realized that one patch would stand out.  So he made seven more to make all the patches look like intentional joinery reinforcements. 


Denis Muras - Strip sander and door

Denis Muras’s sister is remodeling an old house and wanted bypass doors.  Denis was happy to oblige.  The tight grain tongue-in-groove wood used for the unfinished door comes from an old farm house. Denis showed club members his completed homemade belt sander. He did not use the sander to sand the doors.



Glen Edwards - Crosses, pull toys, and indian plaque

Glen Edwards showed club members his pull toy trains from patterns he acquired from Andy Anderson.  The Indian head is made of what he believes is basswood.  The crosses are of ¾ inch red oak.  The Indian head and crosses are finished with spray polyurethane.


 Rick Spacek - US Marine Corps plaques

Rick Spacek showed club members two plaques honoring the US Marine Corps.  Rick used a mat board for backing which he painted red in acrylic. 



David Janowitz - Cutting boards & recipe book holders

For a client David Janowitz crafted cutting boards and kitchen items from maple and then finished the cutting boards with plain mineral oil and the recipe card holders with water borne polyurethane. 


Steve Wavro - Personalized cutting boards 

Steve Wavro crafted these personalized cutting boards which were then soaked in a vat of mineral oil for a day.   Steve used Open Office to print the patterns for the names.  Steve was advised that TiteBond 3 is a recommended glue for cutting boards.


Dean Grimes - Turnings

Challenged by his wife, Dean Grimes crafted a mallet from oak and some decorative turnings, one from spalted Bartlett pear wood.



Lynn Cummings - Entertainment center

Lynn Cummings’s daughter saw an entertainment center on Pinterest and wanted Lynn to make one similar to it. This one is made of maple with some plywood.  This is Lynn’s first attempt at dovetail joinery for drawers which was a challenge since he was dovetailing through plywood.  The front of the drawers are of birds eye maple embellished with iron hardware. 


Andy Anderson - Knife handle and penquins

Andy Anderson helped celebrate Norm Nichols’s birthday by using a handcrafted knife handle of walnut finished with ArmorSeal to cut the cake.  Andy showed club members how the penguins nest together. 


Dave VanDewelker - Vases

From Steve Good (stevedgood.com) plans, Dave VanDewerker crafted these vases from mahogany, cedar and cherry and then finished with lacquer spray.  He crafted the flowers from pine shavings. 


Charles Volek - Intarsia quail

Using sycamore, wenge and cherry, Charles Volek crafted this intarsia quail.  Inspired by a demonstration at the February WW Show in Pasadena, Charles finished with Waterlox which gave it a nice shiny finish.  

Mike Turner - Work Platform

Recycling parts from an old extension ladder and a found box spring, Mike Turner constructed this work bench that can also be used as a raised platform.  Yes, it supports his frame. 


Photos and commentary:  Gary Rowen            

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