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Fred Sandoval - Guitar Making   



From mesquite and Osage orange, David Janowitz created these bowls, mallet and brochures racks for the club. If the brochures don't get the message across maybe David's mallet will. 


Larry Wenner crafted this 3D board then finished with polyurethane topped with Johnson wax. You don't need 3D glasses either.



From pieces of cherry laying around and using a Dremel to “scoop” out dings and dents, David VanDewerker band sawed this box. Interesting way to show off end grain.   


Upon advice of a financial planner to diversify Dean Grimes crafted these goblets into which he can place money and watch it grow.  Then when the money has matured Dean can take a drink out of the appropriate container. Who says money can't buy happiness?



With walnut, maple, mahogany and cherry and whatever else he had lying around, Denis Muras crafted these nifty toy cars then finished them with mineral oil and beeswax.  He's ready to roll now.



Starting with a rolling pin, Rick Spacek, did a little bit of woodburning and painting topping with a coat of clear acrylic.  The baseboard holder is of Corian.  Rick’s cross was scrollsawed from purple heart then sprayed with polyurethane. Check out Rick's scroll sawed antler. 

  Maple, cherry and walnut in different patterns make fine cutting boards by George Alderete.  Going to bat for his son, George also crafted a special table, suggesting an arena, for his son’s autographed baseball collection.


David Garcia crafted this cross of Winkwood (scrap wood donated by Bob Wink) and finished with Weathered Oak stain and wipe on polyurethane 


Stacking pieces of purple heart, zebra wood and mesquite, Norm Nichols crafted this fine bowl.  He then finished with five coats of shellac.



Andy Anderson showed club members a couple of Wahoo game boards that he made for the club's Christmas toy program.


Gathering stuff from around the house Bob Wink fashioned this whimsical horse and buggy.  Feeling nostalgia from his Army days, Bob put his high caliber talents to work to craft this 50 caliber machine gun.  May not clear the road for him but might deter a few trick-or-treaters


Bill Lindsey ran a pecan log through his sawmill which converted it into a book case that utilizing frame and panel construction. Wish I had a sawmill like that. 




Using cedar and cypress plus nature’s own corks, Don Lackey made these trivets and coasters.  Don also crafted boxes into which to store the corks. 


Fidel Santos crafted these two fine rocking horses of maple for his grandkids.  Fidel commented that polka dots are easy to correct if you make a mistake – just drill a bigger hole. Rock on, Fidel, rock on!


After shopping for RVs Fusheng Wang decided to build his own.  Starting with a trailer from Harbor Freight following by lumber from Home Depot and other items from an RV place, Fusheng made one.  Fusheng presented a slide show of his project with comments about his progress.  Now he and his wife are off to see the world.


Photos and commentary:  Gary Rowen,  Wang RV project photos: Fusheng Wang         

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